We provide interpretation and translation services for a wide range of industries such as healthcare, insurance, law, business, finance and education.Our linguists are well-trained and experienced in terminology unique to each industry. Below are the three industries in which our linguists are most active:

Medical Interpretation and Translation Services

Our interpreters and translators are well-trained in medical terminology and have extensive medical knowledge.They are able to handle accurate, quick and efficient translation in various medical settings, ranging from general doctor’s appointment to difficult procedures and major operations. Our linguists are bound by the HIPPA regulations and our code of ethics.

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Insurance Interpretation and Translation

We assist insurance companies reach their customers and expand their businesses. Accuracy and efficiency are the top priorities of our interpreters during these assignments. Our interpreters are readily available 24/7 to serve our insurance customers.

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Legal Interpretation and Translation

We can provide court interpreters and legal translators for legal proceedings such as court hearings, dispositions, testimonies, etc. as well as translation of contracts and other legal documents.Our interpreters and translators have extensive legal education and language experience to maintain absolute translation accuracy and consistency.

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