Best Wand Vibrators That Work Magic (18+)

Hitachi Magic Wand changed a lot of things when it launched in 1968. For one, it showed up prominently in that decade’s sex-positive movement as a clitoral vibrator, breaking taboos and eventually leading to the commercial production of vibrators and similar feminine products.

There are countless magic wand massagers and vibrators available on the market. Of course, not all wands are magic, and not all magic wands are the same.

Let’s take a look at the claimants for best wand vibrator title, and what makes them tick.

Top 5 wand massagers for 2019

  1. Hitachi Magic Wand – Our choice 
  2. Lelo Smart Wand – Large
  3. LuLu 7+ Personal Wand Massager
  4. Shibari Mini Halo, “The Original” Compact Power Wand Massager
  5. PALOQUETH Personal Body Massager

Which Is The Best Wand Vibrator For Me?

The modern magic wand vibrators offer a lot of options. They are no longer exclusively rooted in drawing power from the mains, and they can get fairly diminutive in size. Here are some things to consider when picking the best wand vibrator for your use.

Power Of The Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrators have traditionally been the more powerful option for clitoral stimulation. While that still holds true, there are more ways to control the vibration strength and get it to your liking.

Most vibrators now offer multiple settings for power and intensity control, as well as a range of preset patterns for you to enjoy. Take control in your hands and find the intensity and power settings that work best for you.

Wired Or Wireless?

If power is your thing, you will want a magic wand that draws its juice from the mains. The famous Hitachi Magic Wand draws is wired, and does a pretty good job at providing deep, rumbling vibrations.

Going wireless frees you from the constraints and encumbrance of wires, letting you enjoy at your convenience, without being limited by the distance wires will allow you. Modern battery powered vibrators can be fairly powerful as well, and wireless versions of the famous magic wand have shown up as well.

Waterproofing And The Magic Wand

If you prefer to take the magic wand to the shower or the bathtub, you will need something that is waterproof. Keep in mind, water-resistant is not the same as waterproof. It’s best to keep activities where the wand will be exposed to water limited to certified waterproof wand vibrators.


Even the best magic wand vibrators can get noisy. That’s unfortunately just part of the power they bring to the table. Many magic wand massagers make attempts at keeping the noise low and see some success. Although wired massagers generally continue to be noisy.

Body Massage With The Magic Wand

The original design of the magic wand massagers was built to be used to work as a body massager. Best magic wand massagers continue to work on the same principle. A good quality magic wand massager will be useful for regular, soothing body massage as well.

Compatibility With Add-Ons And Accessories

The popularity of the Hitachi Magic Wand saw a number of add-ons and accessories being developed to increase its functionality and uses. Most high-quality magic wand massagers continue to be compatible with these accessories. It’s a nice bonus if you want more functionality, and don’t necessarily want to buy the magic wand original.

Size Of The Magic Wand Vibrator

Magic wand massagers are available with some flexibility in size. While the shape of most magic wands remains the usual and familiar, the sizes can vary quite dramatically.

If you are looking for portability, a relatively smaller, wireless vibrator will fit your needs just fine. On the other hand, if you intend to enjoy the vibrator within the confines of your room, choose one that is larger and has more power and intensity options.

Staying Away From Counterfeits

The popularity of the original Hitachi Magic Wand has led to several counterfeits going around parading as the original. While other vibrators too suffer from the same problem, magic wand original continues to be a hot target for counterfeiters.

Do your research and purchase only from reputed sellers (whether brick and mortar or online). The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager or the Magic Wand Original only come from Vibratex, while the body massagers made by Hitachi are available as well.

When purchasing online, even from reputed websites like Amazon, pay attention to the actual seller listed, and see if they can be trusted to deliver an original product.